Ed and Kathleen to speak in Winslow on “smart” meters

“Smart” Meters: Friend or Foe?
With guest speakers Ed Friedman and Kathleen McGee
of the Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Thursday, 8 May 2014
5:30–7:30 p.m.
Winslow Public Library
136 Halifax St., Winslow, Maine

Technology is advancing, but is it heading in a healthy direction?

Devices such as radios, TVs, computers, cell phones, WiFi, “smart” cars, “smart” cards, and “smart” meters, etc. are powered by radiofrequencies. These frequencies, known as electromagnetic fields (EMFs), can harm the body. Headaches, dizziness, insomnia, chronic fatigue, stress, irritability, anger, diabetes, heart palpatations, fibromyalgia, and cancer are some of the health problems associated with EMF exposure.

With the recent installation of “smart” meters across America, many health advocates as well as the general public are questioning the integrity of this new technology. Are “smart” meters a wise investment in our future or are they a threat to our well-being?

Guest speakers Ed Friedman and Kathleen McGee of the Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters will present the inside story about “smart” meters and how this device affects the human body and the environment. With combined backgrounds in Environmental Science, Environmental Justice, and outdoor education for over 30 years, Friedman and McGee will offer compelling evidence about the nature of the “smart” meter, its origin, as well as the politics surrounding this increasingly controversial device.

Learn important information about “smart” meters and what you can do to protect yourself from the harmful affects of this device. This presentation promises to impact your life!

The text above is derived from the Living Way webpage announcing the event; the event is part of Hands-on Health series, informative monthly meetings held at the Winslow Public Library by the Living Way nonprofit organization.

For more information about grassroots efforts in Maine to fight “smart” meters, cruise around our website, Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters.