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This Amazing Animation Shows 57,000 Future Satellites Swarming The Earth In The Next 9 Years

The rapid proliferation of satellites launched into space primarily for internet communication pose many threats including exacerbating climate change (from rocket exhaust and cloud storage), interference with astronomy studies (light pollution and radiofrequency interference), space junk-e-waste, increased risk of in-space and earth collisions, ubiquitous health threat to wildlife and those with or susceptible to electromagnetic

Two Major Organizations Sue FCC over Wireless Radiation Exposure Limits

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) founded and chaired by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., former Senior Attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and founder of the Waterkeeper Alliance, and the Environmental Health Trust (EHT) directed by Nobel co-laureate Dr. Devra Davis have both filed lawsuits against the FCC, in general for the agency’s failure to promulgate safe exposure guidelines to radiofrequency radiation. The FCC