Monthly Archive:: March 2018

Wifi is an Important Threat to Human Health

Martin Pall has just published an excellent paper entitled: Wifi is an Important Threat to Human Health, in the journal Environmental Research. In the paper, Pall, a longtime advocate of activated voltage-gated calcium channels as the primary mechanism by which EMF’s act biologically on humans, discusses how repeated wifi studies show the EMF’s causing oxidative

Ramazzini Institute RFR Exposure Results Confirm NTP Study

On 3/22/18 the independent Ramazzini Institute (RI) of Italy published partial results of their long-term study (beginning in 2005) on the effects of low level radiofrequency radiation (RFR) exposure to rats. In their significant findings of heart tumors (Schwannomas) in male rats, RI results were similar to those in the National Toxicology Program. Further results