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Top (10) key scientific publications

Top (10) key scientific publications (all but Bann, et al 2011 published after the WHO decision to list RF as a Class 2B possible human carcinogen) which support requiring health warning labeling on cell phones. Abstracts are included. Posted by Canadians for Safe Technology- January 19, 2015. Click here for the document

Kit Weaver of SkyVision Solutions

Kit Weaver of SkyVision Solutions provides on his website some of the most thoughtful discussion and analysis of smart meters and smart grid issues to be found on the web. A couple of his embedded charts below provide a taste of the excellent coverage he provides. Check it out.

A couple of research references

Marg Friesen from Safer Wireless Manitoba has supplied us with two excellent research references. She is an entomologist and mostly retired biologist formerly with Canada’s Department of Fisheries & Oceans. Fittingly the review paper lists published works dealing with the effects of wireless radiation on a variety of wildlife but mostly insects [link here]. Her