no smart meters hereBecause harm is not an option and extortion is not a choice.

Smart meters threaten our health, our privacy, our security, and in no small way our human rights, democracy, dignity, and way of life. Smart Meters are an untested experiment on unsuspecting and trusting citizens, citizens who are getting ill just going home, making dinner, going to bed; living. It is unconscionable.

Smart meters harm everyone’s health and abridge our constitutional rights!

We are in an excellent position to win back our rights as Maine statute dictates the Public Utilites Commission shall ensure safe service. The heavy burden is on them to guarantee safety. Our job is not to prove smart meters are unsafe, but to present convincing evidence that 1) biological changes and risk of adverse health effects can occur at low levels of non-thermal radio frequency (RF) radiation andthat  2) some of these data can be extrapolated to the exposures emitted 24/7 by mandated smart meters.

As Maine Goes

The citizens of Maine have a rich history of significant wins on issues of incredible importance: campaign finance reform, health care reform, affordable prescription drug reform, repealing REAL ID, privacy reforms, dioxin elimination, toxic use reduction, etc. Maine is no stranger to fighting corporate and governmental control . . . and winning.

In the effort to stop smart meters from eroding our health and legal rights, Maine is first in the nation:

  1. Fighting for, obtaining, and retaining right to opt out.
  2. Appealing a rejected Public Utilities Commission (PUC) complaint to a state’s highest court.
  3. Winning a state Supreme Court victory in a smart meter case.
  4. To have a high court remanding a smart meter complaint back to the PUC.
  5. With a full PUC investigation into health and safety of smart meters.
  6. For a PUC determining they will not be limited by FCC guidelines in their investigation.

These accomplishments have come at great personal cost borne by a very few, both in terms of thousands of hours of volunteer time and by $68,000 in legal fees (and that at a reduced rate!) just from the PUC appeal to present.

Please help make this a community-funded effort by donating to our legal fund today.

The PUC investigation has begun and is scheduled to run into late spring or early summer of 2013. Our Supreme Court decision, lots of media and an upcoming government oversight investigation of the PUC, combine with the inherent advantages to bringing positive change in Maine and offer us the best chance yet anywhere, to fairly evaluate harmful biological effects of RF as well as validate results of scientific work in this field so often suppressed by regulators and the telecommunications and utility industries.

Our legal challenge has successfully gotten us to this point but legal fees are mounting. Currently we are recruiting both peer-reviewed published experts (we incur the cost for their services) and lay witnesses who may be experiencing immediate sensitivity to the RF that is actually affecting the health of us all. Our goal with witnesses, bringing willing “coal mine canaries” forward, is to demonstrate actual and dramatic harmful effects to real people.

Smart Meters affect everyone.

At last count, 8,000 Mainers have paid to opt out, but if they live in neighborhoods, they are still affected by RF radiation from surrounding smart meters. Thousands of other Mainers have been deterred from opting out by the extortive fees and those with smart meters have no assurance of safety. If you want the freedom to choose a safe meter at no additional cost or to get rid of all smart meters, please contact us and/or send us your donations. We have one shot to win this, and we need to make it our very best. With your help, we aim to continue our precedent-setting fight here in Maine.

Winning in Maine helps all those fighting across the country.

For many of us, smart meters are a line in the sand we will not cross. What other device imposes mandated radiation emissions on us 24/7, invades our privacy, steals our personal data, infringes on several of our constitutional rights and compromises our personal and grid cybersecurity? We as citizens must fight or support the fight to stop this.

Your Support in This Fight is Critical to Our Success

In order to succeed, we need your financial help now.

Please send a check today, payable to “Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters,” to P.O. Box 43, Richmond, ME 04357, or use the PayPay donation button on our homepage. While no  contribution is too small, large contributions in the tens of thousands will be especially welcome, are sorely needed, and will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much.