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Join us in resisting “smart-meter” harm and extortion

Our precedent-setting Maine investigation into the safety of smart meters continues with the recent filing of final legal briefs at the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC). What remains is a final report from MPUC staff to the Commissioners, the Commissioner’s decision, and possibly a separate proceeding on remedy. Win or lose, appeals are likely. We

Reply briefs submitted 24 January to the MPUC

Reply Briefs were submitted 24 January 2014 in the Maine PUC (NOT)smart-meter investigation into the health and safety of these mandated meters. Posted here are briefs from the complainants (Complainant Reply Brief 1-24-14-part1 and Complainant Reply Brief 1-24-14-part2) and from intervener Dianne Wilkins (Wilkins Reply Brief 1-24-14). Reply briefs were also submitted by CMP and