Join us in resisting “smart-meter” harm and extortion

Our precedent-setting Maine investigation into the safety of smart meters continues with the recent filing of final legal briefs at the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC). What remains is a final report from MPUC staff to the Commissioners, the Commissioner’s decision, and possibly a separate proceeding on remedy. Win or lose, appeals are likely.

We last asked you for money on 22 October 2012, when our legal fees, billed at a discounted rate, were about $68,000. We are asking again for your support now, with fees up to $160,000.

Please support this effort that helps all of you!

 In the effort to stop smart meters from eroding our health and legal rights, Maine is first in the nation:

  1. Fighting for, obtaining and retaining the right to opt out.
  2. Appealing a rejected Public Utilities Commission (PUC) complaint to a state’s highest court.
  3. Winning a state Supreme Court victory in a smart meter case.
  4. To have a high court remanding a smart meter complaint back to the PUC.
  5. Conducting a full PUC investigation into health and safety of smart meters.
  6. With a PUC determining they will not be limited by FCC guidelines in their investigation.

These accomplishments have come at great personal cost borne by a very few, both in terms of thousands of hours of volunteer time and substantial legal fees. Please help make this a community-supported effort!

We are in an excellent position to win back our rights, as Maine statute dictates the Public Utilities Commission shall ensure safe service and that utilities shall furnish the same. The heavy burden is on them to guarantee safety. Winning in Maine helps those across the country. As Maine Goes, So Goes the Nation.”

The Coalition does not have tax-deductible status. However, in an effort to assist in the elimination of smart meters, the mid-coast Maine environmental group Friends of Merrymeeting Bay (FOMB), with 501(c) (3) status, has agreed to accept and pass through tax-deductible donations of $250 or more in direct support of our work. Donations at or above $250 should be sent to

P.O. Box 233
Richmond, ME 04357

Write “smart meters” in the memo line. Checks for amounts under $250 should be sent to the Coalition address at the bottom of this article. Appreciated securities are also welcome through FOMB—call Ed Friedman at 207-666-3372 for more information.

For many of us, smart meters are a line in the sand that we will not cross. What other device imposes mandated radiation emissions on us 24/7, invades our privacy, steals our personal data, infringes on several of our constitutional rights, and compromises our personal and grid cybersecurity?  We as citizens must fight as well as support the fight to stop this.

                            In order to succeed, we need your financial help now.

               Thanks so very much!—Ed Friedman, Dianne Wilkins & Kathleen McGee

             Resistance . . . because harm is not an option & extortion is not a choice.

Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
P.O. Box 43
Richmond, ME 04357