Maine Supreme Court Proceedings Now Online

While audio from the Maine smart meter oral arguments in Maine Supreme Court was posted on the web long ago. We have just put up the video from the courtroom proceedings. Feel free to forward, post and use in your cases.–Ed

Title: Video: ME Smart Meter Case-Supreme Court Oral Arguments May 10, 2012
Time: 36
Description: Actual courtroom footage of oral arguments presented on 5/10/12 in the precedent-setting Maine smart meter case. The subsequent court decision [7/12/12] in favor of no-smart meter advocates resulted in a remand to the Maine Public Utilities Commission ordering them to make a determination on the safety of smart meters. This also was a first in the country. A lengthy investigation into smart meter safety is now [1/11/13] in process. Of special importance is that the legal burden is on the PUC and utility to guarantee safety and that the PUC has said they will not be limited by 1996 FCC guidelines on RF exposure.

This video gets especially juicy at :13 when the PUC attorney takes the stand. Note he lies about or is unaware new evidence [the WHO IARC study] was presented to the PUC in this complaint and also alludes to a PUC-ordered Central Maine Power smart meter informational brochure as providing safety information when it simply stated the two opt out choices.