URGENT: Testify Wednesday in Augusta

URGENT: Testify on 7 August 2013 in Augusta
Your CMP “Smart” Meter May Be Harming You!
Adverse Health Impacts • Privacy Issues • Fire and Safety Risks • Inaccurate Billing •

CMP replaced safe analog meters with digital wireless “smart” meters without full disclosure or acceptable opt-out choice to customers.
Many CMP customers are experiencing problems with “smart” meters such as adverse health effects, fires in the home, damage to appliances, electrical problems, and increased utility bills. In violation of constitutional rights, police, government agencies, and other third parties have access to precise information about your private life without your consent. “Smart” meter technology is also vulnerable to cyber-hacking, further jeopardizing your privacy and security.

Biological Effects
1. Changes in physiologic function
2. Circulatory system effects
3. Central nervous system effects
4. Autonomic and peripheral nervous
system effects
5. Blood brain barrier permeability
6. Psychological disorders
7. Behavioral changes
8. Blood and vascular disorders
9. Adverse effect on eyes
10. Enzyme and other biochemical changes
11. Metabolic disorders
12. Gastro-intestinal disorders
13. Histological changes
14. Genetic and chromosomal changes
15. Pearl chain effect and cellular orientation
16. Sperm and reproductive damage
17. Cancer

Potential Privacy Consequences
1. Identity theft
2. Determine personal behavior patterns
3. Determine specifi c appliances used
4. 24/7 real-time surveillance
5. Reveal activities through residual data
6. Increased risk of targeted home invasions
7. Medical and property insurance profi ling
8. Utility remote control of your power
9. Inaccurate data determining utility decisions
10. Marketing of consumer data
11. Unwanted publicity and embarrassment
12. Tracking behavior of renters/leasers
13. Personal behavior tracking
14. Fraud
15. Significant Constitutional abridgement

Public Hearing Details
In response to the current investigation into the safety of “smart” meters, the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) is holding public hearings in Augusta:

Wednesday, 7 August 2013
1:30–4:00 p.m. and 5–7 p.m.
Jewett Hall, 46 University Drive
University of Maine–Augusta Campus

If you have concerns, please come testify in person. For more information about this event contact: dnwilkins@aol.com

Our legal challenge to protect the health, safety, and privacy against CMP and PUC “smart” meters is very expensive. We face the continued deep pockets of a multinational, multi-billion dollar corporation. Please make this a community supported effort by donating to:
Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, P.O. Box 43, Richmond, ME 04357
Donations of $500 or more are tax deductible if made out to “Friends of Merrymeeting Bay” (FOMB) with “Smart Meters” on the check memo line.

For More Information on “Smart” Meters:
www.stopsmartmeters.org • www.powerwatch.org.uk/science/studies.asp