Just how easy is it to hack personal data out of CMP?

Has CMP lulled you into believing that it’s an expert in protecting data, including the voluminous and continuous power usage data that not-so-smart meters relentlessly gather?

If you are skeptical about CMP’s security claims, then you won’t be surprised by the report by MPBN (Maine’s PBS-NPR network) that the Iberdrola website has been hacked. Iberdrola, you will remember, is the Spanish company that owns what we know as “Central Maine Power.” Although the breach involved the personal data of job applicants, you’ve got to wonder how capable CMP/Iberdrola is of protecting customer data.

See MPBN’s full story, reported on 16 April 2013.MPBN-Iberdrola.Capture

Lest you think this is a one-off story, have a look at Wired.com’s tale from September 2012 about the maker of smart-grid technology being hacked–one of many many media stories about privacy and security issues.

Just add this to your “once-it’s-collected-you-can’t-control-it” file.