NTP Transcripts & Audio are Posted

The official National Toxicology Program media release phone call transcript and audio from 2-2-18 are now available :


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February 2, 2018, Updated February 6, 2018

Here are four key takeaways from the NTP press conference held this afternoon, soon after the release of its two cell phone reports:

  1. NTP’s bottom line on cell phone use: “This is not a high risk situation.”
  2. RF radiation has biological effects at levels previously believed to be innocuous —they may be good or bad.
  3. NTP will continue to do RF health studies. A new exposure facility is being built on the NIEHS campus, which will be smaller and more flexible than the one used for the two-year exposures of the rats and mice in Chicago. It should be ready by late summer.
  4. The finding that most impressed NTP was the increase of schwannoma of the heart in male rats. It was statistically significant. This was striking because of the similarity to acoustic neuroma, a tumor which has been reported in human studies. (For more on this, see our original story from May 2016.)

An audio file of the press conference together with a transcript posted on the NTP Web are now available here.]