We Are The Evidence

Although the public is assured by the telecommunication industry and regulators they control (i.e. Tom Wheeler former Chair of the FCC was Director of the Cellular Telephone Industry Association) that wireless technology is safe and there is no evidence of its harm, the truth is different. The damage from wireless technology radiation is not potential but exists at an epidemic scale.

There are many thousands of peer-reviewed scientific research papers proving radiation emitted by wireless technology is harmful to almost every system and organ in the body – including DNA – even at levels millions of times less than the current “safety” standards.

However, the most compelling evidence of harm is the rapidly growing numbers of adults and children who are developing severe adverse health effects from this technology. We now have human evidence confirming what science has been warning us about for decades: the adults and children who have been injured are the undeniable proof that wireless technology is harmful. They (We) are the evidence.

The rapid increase in conditions such as electromagnetic sensitivity, brain and breast tumors, fertility problems, autism, ADHD and many other conditions correlated to wireless radiation exposure leave no doubt regarding the harmfulness of this technology. But the public is being misinformed.

We Are the Evidence (WATE) exists to put faces on the problem of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or EHS. Caused by low-level radiofrequency radiation emitted by all wireless devices, EHS, also known as electrosensitivity, microwave sickness and other names does not discriminate by race, sex, color or creed and with ever-increasing wireless proliferation, the problems is becoming far more severe and prevalent. Daphna Tachover, attorney in Israel and NY has put together the WATE website to make this point. Read about some of the canaries from this coal mine at https://wearetheevidence.org/