Olga Sheean a former employee of the World Health Organization in Geneva and now a resident of Vancouver, has written a wonderfully articulate and passionate letter to Gregor Robertson, Mayor of that city, about electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and the dangers of WiFi proliferation. An excerpt follows and the complete letter can be read here. Our goal is to help this go viral so please pass it on to your friends, physicians, and local, state and federal government officials.

“Although being exposed to harmful radiation without one’s consent and beyond one’s control is clearly a violation of one’s human rights, it’s hard to determine just how many of those rights are being violated. There’s the right to equal opportunity, the right to sustain a livelihood, the right to access all the services and amenities available to non-EHS citizens, the right to good health, the right to live in a safe environment, the right to choose whether to be exposed to harmful radiation and maybe even the right to exist, given the foregoing. It might even be considered a denial of our very humanity, given our natural reaction to radiation and the body’s inevitable tipping point of intolerance for the ever-escalating levels. We all have tipping points of intolerance—…”