There Is Plenty of Evidence Showing Harm from Radiofrequency Radiation!

A big problem even from people who believe RFR causes health effects is common use of the phrase ‘no evidence of health risk is not the same as saying they are safe [whether smart meters or cell phones].’ While the phrase on its face is obviously true, in the case and context of RFR exposure there is plenty of evidence of health risk. Using this pat phrase buys into the industry cover-up [or at least denial]. Today Kevin Mottus in California sent out a new compilation of over 900 published peer-reviewed studies showing adverse effects from RFR exposure. The studies are organized in three categories and linked here. There are 700 Cell Phone Studies, 78 Cell Tower Studies and 136 WiFi & Device Studies listed. The listings contain an index by health effect type, and for each article the legal journal citation and an abstract with adverse health effects highlighted.

The next time someone on the street, in a regulatory body or in court tells you there is a lack of evidence, let them know they are sadly misinformed, in denial or outright lying. And then provide them with these lists. Having said this, in our Maine case Interveners submitted into evidence over 1,000 citations and verbatim abstracts and any submission without the actual complete paper [or electronic copy] was rejected. Aside from the fact the Maine PUC said they were needing to whittle down the evidence, we were also told evidence must exist in the record in complete form and an abstract would not suffice. As many of you know, obtaining full copies of journal articles can be very expensive and while most institutions have subscriptions, individuals do not.